A Digital Strategy for your company or organization does not have to be complicated to get results, but it should be thorough.

For small businesses looking to improve their stake online it can be difficult to manage all of the things that are required to have a solid online gameplan. We get that and this is where we can help. Spincaster provides technical knowhow, online applications, content marketing methods and guidance to help you reach the top of your sectors rank.

Learn the Basics

We want to teach you how to do the basics for your website content and have you take ownership of this important part of the equation. You are your own best weapon in the SEO battle online. We can provide you with training and a better understanding of how to write for an online audience. By following some simple rules and gaining confidence in your ability to write effectively for your audience you can generate great results for your business. Of course we can also ride shotgun and write for your online needs as well.

Keep it Manageable

This is often one of the biggest challenges we face as the search and social media companies reward those who play nicely and play often. It is a requirement to stay active in your online communications & marketing work,  so forming a weekly schedule to create and distribute content is very important. A keen focus on content marketing with a manageable schedule is an essential part of your digital strategy.

Have a Content Distribution Plan

monitor, laptop phone on desk with digital strategy overlay spincaster kelowna
Content marketing with a solid digital strategy is an effective way to succeed online.

The best content in the world can fail if it is not properly distributed. A core component to a good online digital strategy is to have a distribution plan for your content. This may involve Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and of course Facebook. Crafting a great piece of information on yoru customers needs is half of the cup ful. To top up your success you need to send out the content to new users, existing customers and past visitors.

Remember your Customers

Too often we see content focus on products and services because it is an easy thing for staff and the team to generate. Relying on this type of content is a mistake. You need to tell stories about why your customers bought your services and what they gained from their experience with you. User Centric content is the key to good online connections. It is this approach that helps convert new visitors to users as they relate to the benefits of dealing with your company through stories from existing clients.

Keep an Eye on your Analytics

Lots of digital marketers like to spend time combing through the statistics of what is working and not working on a page. This is important as we need to understand why people are dropping from a page and why they are converting. However, it is also important to keep an eye on the C-level goals of the company and remember the overarching results that content marketing is working towards. Reporting on results is great but for most organization it should not eat up a large portion of time. Keeping it relevant and related to the big picture is what is important.

A strong digital strategy for the next 12 months can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Getting found, sharing information socially, creating meaningful content and having multiple methods to connect to your audience all helps to build a good user experience.

Booking a time with us to learn more about building an online digital strategy that can grow your company in the months ahead.