Information Architecture

Information architecture is the work that goes into creating intuitive navigation schemes for websites. This is an important step in the process and we often have our entire team involved. Our goal is to make the navigation structure logical, consistent and easy to learn.

The process often involves a content audit to review the existing written content for the website. We then look at the users and what they are expecting from the website. Often gaps appear as older websites tend to be focused on products and services and information about the company. New websites tend to focus on what the customer is looking for and their wants and needs and how to best accommodate those online.

The information architecture is a key step in planning and strategy that helps us create blueprints for the new website design. If we organize the information, group business products, services & solutions into new sections on the site, then we can create a strong user flow through the information. This new navigation and pathways helps to create a strong user experience as we deliver the information in the right sequence and at the right time.