Social media marketing is all about building awareness

Sharing on social media like Facebook and Google+ about who you are and what you do is all part of the social space online. And while it might not generate an immediate sale the focus for most businesses is to generate awareness and PR. It can be effective because it focuses in on key demographics for your business who share information. This group likes to stay connected -their the ones who sleep with their phones.

Online conversation is also becoming a vital part of the communication mix. And while most of us do not understand why Twitter exists or how it benefits a company we can help explain the value and see if it is a fit for your needs.

Many business to consumer companies are involved in public relations because it helps keep their services top of mind and in the news. Social Media is highly affective at supporting this type of PR. For B2B companies it seems less important but can be effective at sharing community involvement, sponsorship and charity work you do int he community.

And don’t forget YouTube. The explosion of clips on YouTube is the result of every phone on the planet having video capability. This is a great opportunity for you to share support information or sales news online. It is fast easy and free. It is also indexed by Google and supports your overall rank.

While other tools online like Pinterest and Instagram can also help support your online marketing and social media strategy the above are at the core of this new marketing endeavor. To learn more about how to navigate the field of social media give us a call.