Great online marketing has a focus on Content

We often help clients develop an online marketing plan once the website is live. This may involve a mix of social media, content and awareness efforts to generate leads and support sales. The new focus is on Content Marketing and generating meaningful content for use across multiple media channels.

So where do you start? Most of our clients don’t have Marketing Managers so we recommend taking care of the fundamentals first. This lays the foundation for future online marketing efforts and ensures a better result. It also generates a good return on your time invested.

Content Marketing

Your website’s content offers one of the best methods to build your search rank online. Keywords and search terms and the optimization of your website pages to include these keywords is in your direct control. Paying attention to your website content directly influences your search results. New Content is also the wellspring for your outbound marketing efforts. each new page of content you add to the website or to your blog should be developed with an eye on distribution.

Search Engine Optimization

We are not just a Kelowna website design company that also does SEO. Our team is constantly testing Google to see how they are ranking websites organically. Our semantic coding techniques alone will give your website an “organic” advantage over your competition. Our proven methods involve keyword analysis, well-written content and careful planning prior to the development of your website.

Social Media Marketing

While Google claims to not factor in Facebook activity in their search results social media is still a powerful method of getting results. Social Media is a great way to generate awareness and buzz for your products and services. Sharing platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, linkedIn and others can help generate inbound traffic to your website. This will be shaped by your customers and partners and how they interact online. If building awareness is a big part of your plan then social media could be a good strategy for your website and online marketing efforts.

Email Marketing

We have been offering email marketing solutions for years with our email delivery systems. We have recently partnered with MailChimp, currently the industry’s #1 mail engine. Take a look into setting up a comprehensive email marketing program for your advertising and communication needs. Learn more

Online Campaigns

Online marketing campaigns can involve a number of tactics. The first is usually to start a paid advertising campaign to generate some immediate traffic to the site. This drives sales and also provides some meaningful statistics. Sites today run analytics on the pages of the website and marketing geeks can review these stats with respect to how effective the pages are at getting the desired result. Let us help you start your campaign today.Learn more