Content Marketing is a Strategy for Success

The internet is changing on a weekly basis, we see new services and trends emerge constantly. A driving force to all of this is the very nature of the Internet environment which is a huge collaboration of talent, resource and ideas. As good tools become default services a new layer of sophistication is added and the complexity and capability increases for developers and designers alike.

With excellent design, development and production tools available we need to remember the human element in all of this. A focus on your audience, what they are looking for and what you want to provide them. This has resulted in the growing importance of Content Marketing. What was once simple techniques for Search Engine Optimization, keyword use and careful user experience design is now a comprehensive discipline for a new generation of marketers.

What is involved in Content Marketing?


In the past there was a tendency to request product knowledge or marketing content from your team in sales and production. You would see technical details, product & feature pages that were basic copies of your brochures or print material. Lots of company centric information with no real focus on what the result of using a product or service was for the customer.

“Are you selling drill bits or holes” was not really apart of the consideration for the company.

In Content Marketing that has changed drastically. We now focus on writing for the audience online with a keen understanding of their patterns and preferences. We write for different personas, different demographics and with a clear purpose on the goals and outcomes they are looking for. – We are writing and talking about holes and how to get the best ones.

As such, we do not reply on the sales team to generate our copy but rather rely on online copywriting that understands the new complexities of what are required online. We also rely on the community and the environment for our results. This can involved

  • User generated content
  • Viral marketing efforts
  • Social media distribution techniques
  • Multiple distribution methods
  • repurposing of content for specific audiences
  • Managing and updating content for long term objectives
  • structuring delivery and scheduling for maximum effect
  • Search and Keyword optimization
  • Content length and readability

It is an ever changing list that has created a new demand for experienced Content Marketing experts. Luckily at Spincaster we have the experience & capabilities to cover the gambit of what is required. We have 15 years experience writing for the web with SEO and optimization expertise garnered from building hundreds of sites. We also have a deep understanding of sales and marketing, having been involved in both classic and internet sales and marketing work since the early 90’s.

Some of our deliverables are;