SUMA(Security, Update, Monitoring, Alerts)

Keep your WordPress site up to date, secure and running smoothly with a managed maintenance package.

The benefits of a maintenance package are as follows:

  • Automatic daily backups of the files and database
  • Malware scanning
  • Security scans
  • Security alerts
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Version monitoring of WordPress and all Plugins

In addition to the active software monitoring and management we would perform the necessary updates and security upgrades for your CMS and plugins as they arise.

This is a managed service by Spincaster. We run the SUMA software in the background and monitor your site for necessary updates. The benefit is that the updates are done in a timely manner and we establish a proactive position against vulnerabilities. (Not a reactive stance where we are forced to fix the break once it has already occurred)

The Annual Fee for these services is $336 + GST (or about 94 cents per day).

This is currently the best method to protect your website and online presence that we can offer.


This is a preventative software service and as such it is not infallible. Issues can still arise with the CMS and site apps and software. So please be aware of the following:

  • Plugins and themes provided by 3rd parties are outside of our control, as such we cannot guarantee that there will not be conflicts when they are updated, and this may break part of the site. If we encounter a plugin that breaks the site, we will roll back the update and provide you with a quote on how much it will cost to fix the issue.
  • This package provides a security and update measure for your site and helps to prevent it from being hacked and compromised. As your alerts for updates come in we monitor these and manage the appropriate actions. This provides peace of mind from all of the WP alerts and Plugin Alerts that occur weekly.
  • While the SUMA tools help to keep your site in good working order it is not a guarantee that a site will not be hacked or compromised. Vulnerabilities still happen with online tools and software. And like everything there is no 100% perfect system.
  • Please remember also that Spincaster is not responsible for issue arising from your hosting provider or any other service provider that has access to your site through username, password and other permissions. (It is your responsibility to ensure that all passwords are strong and secure)

View the SUMA Terms and Conditions.