What Works for a Small Business Website?

Well I don’t think anyone can argue that a good website has replaced the yellowpages and many local radio & newspaper ads. The move to mobile directories and the power of the search provide an opportunity for companies to take control of their marketing and communications 24/7. What you can now accomplish for a fraction of the cost of a traditional media can now last for years online. Of course this does not make it any easier and one of the issues we face is small businesses with tight budgets trying to look great and be effective promoters online.

For professional web developers like Spincaster we try and balance the need for beautiful design and functionality. If budgets are small, say under $5,000 for a corporate website, then content and functionality become the focus. How do we sacrifice design. Well we don’t but we do take advantage of pre existing templates that are professionally designed and available at great prices. These provide us with the basic framework and style of the site, hopefully with a theme that matches the small business brand closely. While it is never a perfect match if we understand the small business marketing and communication needs well, we can find a something very close.

What does this mean to the small business? Well you do have to consider a few key points;

1.       It is important to plan what you want to say online to your customers and visitors and clearly understand what your audience wants to accomplish while on the site.
2.       This initial plan will set out the criteria for finding a good small business template. This in essence, place the functionality of the website first and the design second.
3.       Determine the look and feel for the site that reflects your existing brand. While templates are limiting in what they offer good website design shops can adjusts and edit the styles to come very close to what you had in mind.

If the website features are clearly defined then it is our job to source website templates that closely match your overall objectives online. The benefit to you is a well crafted website that is beautiful and highly functional at a much lower cost than building a site from scratch. The shortcoming is that the design is not a perfect vision of your company and you may have to conform to the structure and framework of the site to a certain degree. But with savings up to 35% of the cost of a custom site you should be happy with your choice in an affordable online small business websites.  And when time and budget permit you can move up to the custom website which depending on features, design, customs software, online marketing and more would start at 6,000 and go up from there. So if you are a small business that wants a strong presence online and can sacrifice a little on the design side consider a template and give us a call to find out what a small business site can do for you.