Introduction to Google Places

What Google Wants

Do you need to be in another online directory – maybe not, but here is the latest from Google. If you are familiar with Google beyond their search tool you can appreciate that they are always offering the next big thing. Recently they have created Google+ to offer a similar social media tool to Facebook. Another interesting tool Google offers is Google Places. This in essence is the evolution of their Map tool to become an online directory. Here is a brief overview of Google Places and why they might be good for business.

Google Places

Google Places, according to Google, should be a part of your online identify. When you are optimizing content and trying to improve your online presence, this feature can help. Most businesses have not taken advantage of this tool yet and they should. It is a great way to view local businesses and add to your online list of assets. And yes, just like other online tools like a Facebook business page, it can acquire optimization to get the most out of this great business tool.

Each local business listing on Google is in fact a giant ‘cluster’ of information that they get from Yellow Pages and other third-party providers. You have control over some of this information, like photos, video, parking information, services you offer, your brand and even coupons. Of course if you want to create a Google Places page you need a Google Account and yes, you can expect in the future that Google will add in some cool features to purchase, but for right now it is still free. If you do not have a website yet, this maybe a great place to get started. At least you will have a free listing. Contact us if you are interested in setting up Google Places and other social tools online.