Validation, Context and Why it’s Important

Build pages with context in mind

Part of what we do at Spincaster is to build an online presence for a company that has meaningful content and context for their customers. While one of these may seem easy the other is less obvious. Let’s explain the value of context and how it supports success and confidence online.

As you probably know you can spend from $100 dollars to $100,000 dollars for a website these days. If the online space is important to you then your image, brand and marketing requires a professional website design and not a cheap solution.

For most businesses this involves a custom design or a design based on a tailored website theme. While we are not trying to create the next Amazon it makes sense to put some thought into your website content. This includes the context of what is being designed. Most of us can generate good written content about product and services. And if we need help there are copywriters and references online to provide support.

What is often missing, however, is how the content on a page can help build context for the website. If a designer is given a few paragraphs, for example on the About Us page, they will most likely drop it into the page and forget about it.This does not generate a great result.

For strategic design to work properly and for excellent user experience to occur we must consider the purpose of the page and how to best support your objective. Contextual things are very important at this stage. What the page is about, how it is written and what the website should garner from the reader is very important. This requires thinking through to the right conclusion before the design is completed.

On a proper About Us page it is important to show images of key staff. If you do not take this simple step you are missing an opportunity to convey information. Images show experience, energy, recognition, a friendly smile, confidence and so much more. It can also add a dynamic to a page that suggests personality like funny bobble-heads, or support the overall brand with edgy photography.

The content should also have a consistent voice. If you are a bobble head kind of company then a sense of humour in your writing can help support your easy going brand.

A professional website design company will recommend great photos and write ups on your About Us page. Why? because it provides validation to a new customer or existing customer. If the photo is not there then you undermine your credibility. The context of the page is weak and the value of the business in comparison with others is diminished. The backbone to this fact may be lost on a young designer who does not have the experience to know that business is based on relationships and most sales are still a face to face transaction. If you come across a site with a blank slate on their company personnel then it may just be a false store front for an offshore provider and you may be in for a bad experience.

Consider what you want to say on your website and what you want your visitors to do. Then take the time with your website development team to plan out your content and the context of the design. Your results will be that much better.