Single Page web site vs. Multiple pages web site design

Single Page site vs. Multiple pages

Single page websites have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there’s good reason for it. With the use of scripts such as jQuery, Ajax, and Parallax (to name a few), one-page websites have brought on a whole new level of interactivity to their users. But having all of your content on a single page comes with it’s flaws as well.

There are plenty of questions you have to ask yourself before going gun-ho on building a single page site. Possibly the most important element you should take into consideration is the amount of content you need to have on the site. If you have a ton of content, chances are you should stick with the good ol’ multiple page website layout. When users view a single page site on a mobile device or tablet, it’s not that much fun scrolling through tons of content that takes up the majority of the site. If you have plenty of content but have your heart set on a single page design, are you able to condense it and still keep the content keyword-rich for SEO? Having multiple pages with detailed information may be exactly what you need to communicate to the viewer about multiple services or products that you provide.

Another vital factor when choosing between single and multiple page designs is the purpose of your website. Single page websites typically cater to a single purpose, and aren’t meant to overload users with more information than they can handle. In example, a single page website would be a great fit for personal portfolios, musicians, a promotional landing page for new services, or a new product launch. The purpose should be to promote a single product or service. By doing so, you can strip the content down to the essentials, leaving more room for visual and creative stimulation. Making the visual elements the main attraction, you draw a lot more attention to what it is that you’re promoting in a way that helps it stand out from the crowd. Having a single page website may be what gets the user in-and-out the fastest, but it’s not ideal for every business. For some single page design inspiration, check out a few of the links below, or contact Spincaster Productions for more information on how we can help you build your next website.