Round Lake Treatment Centre

The team at Round Lake Treatment Centre in Armstrong BC was in dire need of a new website. The original site had virtually no presence online from a search optimization perspective and the old structure of the web site design had internal pages as links in their content. This made finding key information difficult and frustrating for the user and involved a lot of reading.
As a professional website design and development firm we had an opportunity to start fresh on this project and take a look closely at who was using the website and what information was important. This online planning and strategy resulted in identifying the key visitors to the site and where they typically wanted to go for results. We ended up with three main categories for Clients, Family & Friends, and Counselors. The shift in content restructured the website. Now much of the information about Round Lake was presented in groupings that made sense to the visitors.


From a Design perspective there was a strong desire to show off the beautiful location of Round Lake. It is truly a resort setting with towering pines, peaceful hillsides and the tranquil lake. Found at the end of a one way road the setting is the perfect location for healing and recovery. Surrounded by nature it seemed only logical to feature landscape and facility photography extensively throughout the site. With a theme of “Culture is Treatment” the First Nation’s holistic approach to alcohol and drug recovery has had a long history of success.

Another key consideration for the Marlene Isaac and management team at Round Lake was the marketing presence and reach online for the facility. With a purpose of attracting clients from BC and Alberta, into the Yukon and Northwest Territories and of course the entire Pacific Northwest the coding of the site and the optimization of content on the site was a priority. While SEO work is never ending the new content management solution allows for keyword enriched page titles and descriptions. This helps tremendously in using top keyword terms effectively in content and page structure.

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