Do you really need a content marketing plan?

Think slow and steady to lower your marketing costs

The alternatives to content marketing often involve more traditional methods of marketing and generating leads like pay per click advertising, or list purchasing or tradeshow marketing. These all generate leads for the sales funnel and will ultimately results in sales.

We all appreciate the time and expense of a tradeshow and can quickly do the cost of acquisition of a new client from a pay per click campaign. A $5 cost per click campaign at $100 a day is a $3000 a month plan. You generate 600 click-throughs and hope for 30 new clients from your leads over the course of 1 month.  Each new customer costs $100 to acquire at a 5 % close rate. For the same results next month you are paying $3,000 again. For the tradeshow you have to wait for the next appropriate event which will also cost you thousands.

Now let’s take some of those resources used above and apply it to a Content Marketing Plan and see what kind of results we generate. In this method, however, we own the intellectual properly and distribution used in our new strategy.

We look at our demographic and customer profiles and know they are researching and active online. We start a content marketing plan based on our blogging and social media sites available. We start to generate new product and service information for our blog. We send this out to our email lists and social media sites and have 300 people reading the blog that month. Let’s say our success rate is the same and we generate 5% from the 300 and get 15 new customers. Not bad, but here is the real benefit.

It keeps working for you month after month after month. Your intellectual property used in your content marketing plan is independent of a third party service. So it keeps on working – a year from now the post will still be active and generating leads from people who now find it relevant to their needs.

leads-from-blogsThis is true for every blog post you write. If you consider the expense of a tradeshow or PPC campaign and the result you generate from a proper content marketing plan it is obvious how this benefits your sales and marketing efforts over time. Think slow and steady and win more customers.

By implementing a regular content plan you generate scalable, predictable traffic to your site for a cost of acquisition that diminishes over time. As you write more posts with solid conversion goals and meaningful content you become an authority for your products and services. You also provide a format that keeps your company top of mind as you stay in front of you customers with regular outbound content.

And guess what – people feel good about buying from a leader when they are ready to make a purchase.

So stop thinking short term, quick fix, transactional style marketing and start thinking about long term predictable additions to your website blog that build true value for your company over time.

Now who’s going to help write all that content? 😉