Project Literacy Custom Website Design

It is difficult to do truly awesome things on a regular basis. This of course depends on your definition of Awesome.  For a six year old boy it probably relates to Lego, for a chef perhaps some spring creation using rhubarb, for Web developers it often has to do with the user experience and how clients and customers respond to a good design.

This month we release the new Project Literacy website. This is a non profit organization that provides free literacy training for math, English and other subject in Kelowna. The old website was a basic brochure format and provided the basics on who and what Project literacy was. The new custom website design focuses in on the key visitors to the site. There are dedicated sections for the students, the tutors and the donors. It is concise, beautiful and very much a reflection of the professionalism of this great organization.

Check out the new solution at we think you will like the custom design and easy-to-follow navigation.