Plan, Plan, Plan then Execute

Why planning your online presence is so important

We were recently in a Webinar that was very well presented. When we left the session there were several comments on how well it had been done. I was also recently on a YP directory website and realized why the owner felt that it was a complete failure. How could one approach be so successful and the next so poor at delivering the message? This brought back an old mantra from our Project Management courses Plan, Plan, Plan then Execute.

When we looked back at the Webinar you could see the components of its success.

  • A clear goal that was presented up front
  • An understanding of the audience
  • A logical progression through the content
  • Real life examples that connected the audience
  • Excellent image and graphics
  • Concise delivery with humour and plain english
  • A clear call to action that showed the next step to take
  • A upbeat tone with a sense of purpose and presence

It was successful because the team who created it understood that to communicate effectively you need to plan your content and its delivery.

On the opposite side of the fence was the YP website with five pages of information that felt and looked like it took half a day to through together. And while the location and phone number were accurate, from where we sit this is a complete miss of what the internet and your online presence has to offer your customers.

We are in a rich media world with video, parallax imagery, slideshows, amazing animation and transitions, infographics, charts, icons, personable and friendly content that is crafted specifically to your audience. It is also at our fingertips to create and implement quickly and efficiently. But of course it take a little thought and planning to shape the message, create the material and design effective delivery to really make the sites meaningful to your audience and get them engaged.

Which of course is the purpose of most sites today; to create an environment that takes the visitor from a passive state to an active state. If you are trying to attract new business or service a B2B relationship then a static directory page just does not add up to a good value for most of us.

You should be planning your online business environment to support the many facets of your business or organization. Great design, content and execution builds a user experience that is effective and memorable. With planning, help from your website design company, and some creative prowess you can generate something that is an assets not an expense. For a directory solution stick with your Google Map and business profile page at least these are free. For powerful websites that compete with your rivals, communicate effectively, create leads and provide a service to your customers plan for a great user experience online.