Photography in Web Design

Photography can make or break a website, regardless of the design. Whether you are promoting a product or a service, having clean high-resolution images can make a huge difference on how potential clients view your business. Poorly taken or edited images can put a huge damper on any site, forcing users to loose interest and trust quickly.

Regardless of what industry you are in, it’s important to make sure that the images featured on your website are of high quality and relativity. Although compressing your images is a must when it comes to the web in order to minimalize loading time, there are many ways to ensure that your images maintain excellent quality. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons photography is so important to designing the users’ web experience is that it has a direct impact on their emotions. It is much easier to promote a feeling or experience visually through images than it is to try and allow the viewer to interpret these things through colour and shape used within the design. Images set the vibe for most websites, so make sure that the images you use are a perfect reflection of your company.

When handing images over to your web designer, remember that the pictures on the site will directly represent your company and its values. Never provide poor images from your cell phone and expect the designer to just “Photoshop it”*. Unfortunately, until Adobe finds a way to implement sorcery into their software, you’re probably better off hiring a professional photographer to take and edit great photos for your business.  If a professional photographer sounds a bit out of your budget, stock photography can be a great alternative for businesses promoting a standard service. Sites such as iStock Photo and Getty Images supply great images for a reasonable price, and often offer specials to members with an account.

Check out these sites for some great examples of strong photography used in web. Feel free to contact us for all of your web photography questions!

*We get this a lot