Only 50 weeks to go

Well 2011 is upon us and most have recovered from the Holiday blur of the past month. We often get a flood of predications this time of year. I almost wish I hadn’t read them! In my first week back after a little time off I have realized that I need more sleep to really be productive. Steve Nash has written about his need to bank sleep before playing big games. But how do I get more sleep with work, kids, chores, events, sports and entertaining. Well obviously there is no room outside of the office to make up time, so we need to look into our daily work to see if we can be more effective time managers.

While I am not recommending napping at your desk (Although I did have a coworker that would take 20 minute naps in her car at lunch), we can be more organized and use time more effectively. Many of us in creative businesses are not the most structured people and any little method or tool that can help is a good thing in my books.

So how does this relate to the internet and web development. At Spincaster we are determined to cut out unnecessary steps and become more streamline in our process. One simple way is to reduce data entry and move manual processes online. A recent example of this is in how we integrated registration, acceptance and request forms directly into a client relationship manager. This is simple enough to do and can save considerable time by removing double entry for the sales and admin team. Time saved is a good thing and I believe these little incremental upgrades will help with taking less work home.

Here are a few more time savers that I like.

  1. Say No. People like it when you say no and it saves you time (particularly when it results in killing project creep).
  2. If you get interrupted a lot at work try standing up and walking with the interrupter. Conversations are shorter when people think you are going somewhere.
  3. Book an end of day review for the next day’s work.
  4. Work from home, when you have a big task to conquer. The lack of interruptions is amazing for productivity and you don’t find yourself multitasking!

There are lots of others online and if you find any gems that work for you send them our way. Well, back to work…