Long Tail Keyword Terms for Website Content

You might have heard of this term used for online search engine optimization and are not sure what it is all about and why they may be important. Well here it is in a nutshell.

A long tail keyword term gets its name from the results it generates as the keyword phrase gets more specific. As the search term becomes longer it will generate fewer results. If you chart this on a graph the simple one or two word terms generate lots of results while the specific long tail terms generate fewer results. The graph looks like a “long tail” moving down the y axis. For example “Ski Boats” versus “Professional wakesurfing deep V tow boat”

Some would argue that these three or four (or more) word terms are not very important when it comes to search results and rank. But that is not true. What you may not know is that the majority of your search traffic with high conversion rates (people looking to buy) are being generated by words that are not usually the focus of keyword optimization. The generic terms help you compete against like minded businesses online but the long tail terms are often the ones that generate a genuine lead or sale.

This makes sense when you think about peoples search habits. When they become more familiar with products they have invested time to become more knowledgeable. This results in a more detailed search query and a more specific result. This aligns with their migration down the sales funnel where they are now more likely to buy or request a service. These long tail keyword terms are important in generating sales for this very reason. The long tail terms are used by people who are closer to making a decision.

If you are interested in keyword reports for your website or long tail keyword terms for use in your news articles, product details, whitepapers, FAQ, presentations and blogs give us a call. We can generate keyword reports for a nominal fee that can greatly improve the ability for your website to generate leads and sales for you business.