Investing in Interactivity

To Build Your Brand

Building A Brand

For small business brand building can be a challenge. Small marketing budgets tend to lead to static material that can quickly become out of date. And the “tried and true” print advertising or directory methods are generating poorer results today as we become more digital.

Ask yourself – What am I doing to promote my competitive differences? Does it go beyond building awareness and create interest in secondary services or relevant information? Am I building a brand or just trying to sell?

A common online mistake with small business is to rely on too little content. The single page directory ad does not build market position. They do not help create meaningful differentiation. You do this through interaction, creating a brand experience and being consistent in the market.

Customers look for validation from a website in addition to product knowledge and price. While you can manage the one-on-one interaction in person, your online solution helps keep them active and interested in a different and complimentary way. Let’s look at one way to do this well.

Take for example Mt. Boucherie Winery’s website – by providing users with a recipe guide, they provide pairing suggestions for what goes with what wine. This resource shows leadership and a keen understanding of their customer’s wants and needs. It keeps users coming back to the site, providing more opportunity to build brand loyalty and share information on products, upcoming events, and the likes.

If you are looking at what is available to help build your brand experience, raise awareness and create interaction with potential and existing customers consider adding more “client centric” content to your website. This content should focus on your customer’s needs and the experience they can expect when you fulfill them. Overtime these efforts will help your unique brand succeed.