Should I Update My Brand?

Your Brand Identity maybe out of date

There are many aspects of a business brand, consisting of everything from how you interact with customers to your website and logo. As your business grows and develops, you’ll find that the brand that you started out with may no longer fit the variety of clients you are dealing with today. In this article, we’ll walk you through some clues on when you need to give your business brand a makeover.

Since there are so many different variables in a brand, we’ll go over the most common changes business face throughout its lifetime. Updating a logo may seem like a fairly diminutive process, and for many companies this also includes updating uniforms, brochures, business cards etc to fit the new logo. If there is any inconsistency within your brand, it is important to update them to display the persistent message you are trying to portray to your customers. It is important to seek feedback from your customers to determine how successful your brand is, and which areas can use improvements or updates. Your logos, brochures, business cards, menus etc should reflect the culture of your company and its services in the most effective manner possible.

When it comes to any business, your company website is easily the most effective tool you can provide your potential and existing clients with.  That is however, if your implementing and updating it properly.  If you answer “No” to any of these questions, it’s likely time to update your brand and its’ online presence;

Signs that it’s time for an upgrade;

  • What is the feedback you are receiving from your customers about your brand? Based off this feedback, is the material you are providing your customers with both useful and informative?
  • What new features or services have you added to your business, and can clients find information about them across your print and online material?
  • Has your logo, print material or website changed or developed along with your target market? What are their expectations in the material and information you provide them with?
  • Is your print material, uniforms, website etc consistently styled?
  • Can your logo easily be identified from your competitors’ logos?
  • Does your website fluidly fit on various screen sizes and on mobile devices?
  • Does your website provide the most recent and accurate information about your business?
  • Are your employees spending too much time resolving questions from clients in which answers could be provided on your website?
  • Do you provide your customers with current information about your business through social media?
  • Is the amount of clients you receive from online sources enough to cover the costs to maintain your website?
  • When you look up your business on an online search engine, is your company website the first result?

The average business updates their entire brand (logo, uniforms, packaging, website, location, etc) every 10-20 years, however this factor genuinely depends on the relationship people have with your brand. When it comes to print material, companies tend to stay more current with this based off of new features or services they provide, price changes, and other consistent updates. Since your website should be the easiest to update using a Content Management System such as Caster CMS, businesses can change or update their website content themselves every day, or as often as required. Updates in location, blogs or newsletters, new services, general content, and images are the most common and frequent changes companies can easily make themselves on their website using this tool. If you’re considering an update within your companies’ branding and online material, click here to talk with our team about your branding and online needs.