Five Functions to Build On

Five Core functions to build online presence

We work with companies that are established and growing but still struggle with core online functional issues. These issues have often emerged as their growth strategies move more online. They want to expand beyond their local market area or they are getting pulled into the online space by competition.

They often do not have a clear strategy for their online requirements. Good examples are professionals like Dentists and Lawyers or Manufacturers supporting dealers. They want market presence and to be seen as leaders but don’t have a solid understanding of what to do online. Here are five core fundamentals to build authority online.

Be constant

It is a common mistake to treat your company’s presence online as a one-time project. Building a new website or doing some updates once a year is not a meaningful strategy. You must realize that as soon as you ignore your online storefront it starts to disappear. You have to plan for regular and constant content.

Keep it manageable

Many businesses do not have a formal marketing budget let alone a dedicated marketing person. So the activities that are chosen online are very important. It has to be a manageable and meaningful objective. So your first step is to generate simple outbound content with a blog and emails out to existing clients and post these to social media.

Don’t focus on products and services

Instead focus on your customer’s issues and problems. How does your company solve their problems? You have to move to a client-centric point of view and create content from that perspective.

Think small impact

Case studies and whitepapers are great but take considerable effort to generate. Instead break up your content into smaller chunks. This provides you with more content for posts and blogs, delivers content that is browser friendly and increases your frequency.

Look for the shared experience

Loyalty in existing customers can become advocacy for you online. This is a key point for Social Media and has an emotional component, not product and service jargon. You can help by adding great photography, video or infographics to trigger emotional response that get shared.

For more tips and tricks for building a successful presence online read more of our blog.