Fighting Our Way Into The UFC

Our client West Coast Authentic (WCA) has been keeping us very busy since they successfully landed a two year contract with the UFC. Fortunately we have been given the opportunity to take the website that we originally built to a whole new level and that includes managing WCA’s social media and ecommerce.

The UFC is getting bigger and bigger each year and this means autographed memorabilia from UFC fighters are in high demand.  Similar to boxing, UFC follows the pay-per-view model however preliminary fights are broadcast on Facebook and cable TV. Recently, Dana White President of UFC , announced a seven year TV deal with FOX Sports putting UFC programming in the mainstream along with Fox’s football and baseball programming.

West Coast Authentic has exclusive signing contracts with dozens of UFC fighters, namely Jon Jones (Light Heavyweight Champ), Ben Henderson, Thiago Alves, Carlos Condit, Chris Leben, Cole Miller, Diego Sanchez most of them under agent Malki Kawa of First Round Management. Non exclusive signings include Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Lyoto Machida, Kenny Florian, and of course Octagon girls Brittney Palmer, Chandella Powell and Adrianny Celeste.

Spincaster is working directly with these UFC agents and fighters in efforts to expand and promote the website through Twitter and Facebook. Surprisingly, these fighters love to tweet and this makes it easy for us to tap into their followers. Follow WCA on Facebook and on Twitter.

West Coast Authentic not only has signing contracts with the fighters, they also sponsor many of them and having the logo on the butts certainly contributes to the website hits. Our job is to convert those hits into sales and we are doing this by creating a UFC section within the main website and each fighter has a landing page showcasing their signed UFC memorabilia. Check out the WCA UFC website designed, developed and powered by Spincaster.

Now that we have our foot in the UFC Octagon (with help from our good friends at WCA) we are discussing with fighters and agents about their needs online and maybe one day you will see on their butts!