Data Backup Services for Disaster Recovery

Data Remote Backup Services KelownaFor many businesses backing up their data and business information is not an easy task to manage. Often businesses rely on physical drives for backup. These have to be taken home every night and stored off-site. It can be a hassle to manage throughout the year as part of your disaster recovery plan.

The value of backing up your system is obvious. It is an important method of insuring your business continuity. Are there better ways to do this for your business? Yes there are, and we now offer one of these new methods through our Hosted Services. Let’s take a quick look at this backup service for disaster recovery and insuring your business data.

Why Do You Need Remote Backup?

Remote Backup Services Kelowna

For most business, a remote backup is essential to securing private or important information. A remote backup is a process in which your specified data (such as a website, client information, corporate documents, etc), are backup and stored at a separate location from your personal computer. This information can then be accessed in case of a natural disaster, human error, or hardware malfunction.

These backups can also come in handy during the case of an accidental deletion of important documents, or in case of a virus or corrupted software. Having a remote backup ensures that your confidential business information is kept safe at a separate location.


What are the Benefits?

New backup services use online software to transfer data to a secure location. This service uses end-to-end encryption for the transfer of data, similar to your banking services. It is very secure. What are some of the benefits?

  • Once the main data is entered into the backup storage the next version of the backup only captures data that has changed. This is very advantageous and when paired with extremely high file compression, provides for a much faster backup. Backups that use to take hours are now managed in minutes.
  • The servers are secure and offsite. You can have peace of mind knowing that they reside in one of the best locations in Canada for hosting, Kelowna BC. And yes, the backup servers are also backed up.
  • The service is offered based on a tiered pricing plan. For small businesses this might be as low as $35 per month for 100 GB of storage. Larger businesses rely on a managed service and may go up to 1000GB or more depending on their demand.
  • Restoration of files is much easier as the new control software allows for web based restore to a new or secondary computer or server.
  • The new service also provides versioning. This allows for multiple versions of data to be saved that, if required, can be accessed to provide for proper backup.

To learn more about our Data Backup services and pricing for different levels please feel free to give us a call! We can be reached at 250-763-6952 or contact us directly through our online form.