If you love dogs you have to check out the new Darford website – a new website from Spincaster that reflects the character and vision of this local Okanagan pet food manufacturer. Taking a different approach that grouped visitor’s interest into three main categories; Products, Community, Culture -Darford provides a site structure that allows you to surf the site, learn more and become engaged in their Plus One Movement. This is a Darford initiative to provide free meals to dogs in animal rescues and shelters across North America. The website features lots of cool drawings, stories, nifty widgets, jokes and videos. If you want to learn more about Darford’s Plus One Movement, and how you can help feed dogs in need, visit the ilovealldogs.org website or watch the video on the Darford site about the LA Rescue story and the motivation behind this great humanitarian effort. You can visit Darford at www.darford.com.