Content Marketing Trends

Trends in digital marketing

I was following some Content Marketing trends from Google, MOZ and others last month and came across charts showing content marketing versus link building, search terms, inbound marketing and other techniques. The trend in the charts these past few years all show an increase in returns from Content Marketing work that has outpacing other older methods.

Here you see the general idea from Google

Content Marketing Trends

There are many contributing factors for this including the merging of concepts like SEO and Keyword use as things become increasingly complex. While we use to focus in on singular items we now have to focus in on more holistic content marketing as Google scores you on the experience you provide visitors to the site.

This has placed a much greater need for thoughtful and thought provoking content in what has become a long term process. The move to building relationships, telling stories, sharing experiences with your visitors is what is leading the curve in 2016.

For this Content Marketing long- game to be effective there is a need for expert content marketing talent as mentioned in some of our other blogs. The Content Marketer needs to be well versed in all aspect of digital marketing and possess a keen hand at writing. Managing the source of material is also part of the plan. We want to take advantage of the following.

  1. User Generated Content – For example peer recommendations and reviews. This is a great way to collect large scale content to moderate and reuse.
  2. Tell stories – Client stories engage, connect and involve visitors.
  3. Write a Series – Break up your content into episodes. This creates a reason to return to the blog or site.
  4. Write to your demographic – You know who is visiting the site so make sure you are providing content for the different types of visitors and personalize it for each group.
  5. Distribute through your appropriate channels. We should all be leveraging Facebook and Goolge+ as a minimum.

We do not see these trends wavering any time soon as the commitment to Content Marketing grows and the overall spend increases. While Social Media is now moving sideways we see content marketing still trending up. IF you are not making an effort in this direction perhaps now is a good time to start?