Why you need Content

Why has Content Marketing become so important?

Content marketing is an online strategy that focuses on creating and distribution relevant materials and information about your products and services. Once the content is created it is then distributed to a clearly defined audience and helps to support your sales, communication and marketing efforts. It is also key to supporting your rank online.

Why is it so hard to accomplish well?

For small to midsize businesses it is often difficult to find the resources with the right talents to pull it off successfully.

  • First of all it takes time. Like gardeners in the spring you need to prepare, plant, nurture then harvest. Results come with steady cultivation.
  • You need someone who understands the internet and the tools available for outbound and inbound marketing as well as social media.
  • You need someone who is experienced at writing for the web and who has the talent to write knowledgeably about your products and services for a specific audience.
  • Then you need to generate content on a consistent basis. Not when it is convenient for your team to do it (‘cause then it won’t get done ) but on a regular schedule and for a specific target demographic.
  • This content is created with purpose and has keyword terms and techniques to prompt your audience to share the information.
Here are four To Do’s that should be a part of your content marketing plan.
  1. Design your page. By crafting a well designed page your content, images, infographics, headers and sub-headers will improve your success as visitors scan through your content.
  2. Be Topical. Pay attention to current events and fold this into your content to help hold visitors interest. Current topics help tell a better story.
  3. Write with emotion and keep the style upbeat and informal. You are not writing a novel but a short article that is going to be shared.
  4. Pay attention to keywords and terms. Always work on using terms that are searched by your audience and plow these into your written content. They bear fruit!
So how about it?

Do you think this spring you have the right stuff to get out there in the mass internet prairie and sow the seeds of success online? Each article you generate for content marketing is broadcast out to fertile fields and can reward you months later with a bountiful harvest.

Spincaster helps businesses and organizations that do not have a marketing department succeed online.