Content Marketing Rule #8

 Leads to Advocates

It is often a challenge when writing for content marketing to find ideas or topics that support your B2B needs. You have a continuous and ongoing demand for relevant material about your product and services. If you recall in our “The content Marketing Funnel” article we talked about the 5 stages for a customer from Awareness, Consideration, Analysis, Buyer and finally Loyalty. It is this final stage that we look to for Advocacy. A loyal customer is an asset to your company that you should be tapping into.

Many of you have events or other opportunities throughout the year to connect with this group. We suggest you look to these Advocates for not just referrals but also stories. Getting these advocates involved in your content marketing has a number of benefits.

  1. It reinforces their value to your business
  2. Their success stories are relevant to new clients
  3. They share the human element of your business
  4. They are a source for new leads
  5. They support the expertise of your senior staff

By engaging this group you will by way of example showcase your authority in your sector. They get the recognition they deserve and you in turn get a real B2B content marketing opportunity.  Their issues and concerns when they first came to your company can be revisited and their decision to continue using you builds credibility and trust. They can provide a unique perspective on your team’s worth and share first hand what makes your brand a trusted one.

Don’t forget to tap into these Advocates as great sources for your written content marketing needs. These stories will be well received when you distribute them via social media and outbound marketing techniques. B2B social media can be challenging at times but this source for content marketing will serve you well.