Content Marketing Rule #6


We know that we need to generate valuable content for our audience in order to engage them at different points in the sales process – from early awareness through to becoming advocates for your products and services after they buy.

We have also discussed creating personas for each type of consumer you have, and knowing their typical behavior as they move from passive to active users. For content marketers it is our job to match up relevant content to support that journey. And the journey is different for a teenager or a boomer.

There are many content marketing tactics that you can use. Here is a list of the top 20 used in business today.

  • Social Media 79 % (not blogs)
  • Article Postings 78%
  • In person Events 62%
  • E-newsletters 61%
  • Case Studies 55%
  • Blogs 51%
  • Whitepapers 43%
  • Webinars 42%
  • Print Magazine 42%
  • Videos 41%
  • Promotion Content 31%
  • Microsites 30%
  • Print Newsletters 25%
  • Research papers 23%
  • Data driven content 21%
  • Podcasts 16%
  • Digital Magazine 15%
  • Mobile 11%
  • Virtual Conference 11%
  • Ebooks 9%

(Stats from Marketo)

It is interesting to note that 5 of the top ten methods are outbound marketing techniques from your website, so good copywriting needs to be a core requirement to your marketing strategy. We recommend that small business choose the low hanging fruit first; that is to develop a content plan that can be easy to generate and distribute. Then expand from that base.

Try this simple content strategy for each persona.

Consider 5 topics to write about. One for each step of the way down the journey to becoming a customer. Topics should include;

  1. Awareness
  2. Issue #1
  3. Approach
  4. Solution
  5. Benefit

If you are writing for 3 different audiences you will have a quick list of 15 articles.

Write for their point of view and you will find that you are generating content that can easily be modified and distributed effectively via social media. This can generate a long list of questions and answers that are valuable online as FAQ’s, podcasts, webinars and the likes. In your social media space these reference questions can be used to build awareness and drive leads.

If you are looking for inspiration on content talk to the owners or sales managers of the company and ask them to relive some of the conversations they have had at tradeshows or conferences. You will find that the concerns and quickspin new zealand casino issues from those events are great topics for articles and posts online and will included B2B, B2C and general industry issues.

Once you begin the process plan for a weekly launch schedule. You will have five weeks of articles.

Here is an example from a Pool Construction Company we know.

  1. A client requested a unique pool for a resort property. What are the options? What has been done before?
  2. The property has an amazing view but is on a steep lot. How do you manage the site limitations?
  3. The architect designed an elevated pool that extended 20 feet above the rocks. How do you build an elevated concrete pool?
  4. Construction and engineering provided some real challenges that were overcome.
  5. The resulting pool provides a surreal experience for the home owners.

Once the above posts are completed you have enough content for a webinar and case study.

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