Content Marketing Rule #5

Image is Everything

We have been posting content marketing rules to follow. We hope that some of these ideas will make it into your daily or weekly online marketing work and in doing so improve your bottom line. We are advocated of content marketing for several reasons.

  • It is inexpensive to generate
  • It creates trust
  • It builds your brand
  • It keeps people informed
  • It provides content to share socially
  • It helps in your Google positioning
  • It builds authority online

One important technique for today’s content marketing is the use of strong photography or image. We highly recommend photo heavy content on a site, particularly for ecommerce.

Why is a strong photo so important for page content? Well there are a number of reasons why we want good image. Technically we want to build up an inventory of images that can be indexed by Google and quantified. If you are doing a proper job with your titles, captions and Alt text then you will appreciate you are giving Google another snippet of information related to your company. And every point of reference for your company is important in the grand scheme of things.

More importantly though is that strong photography immediately slows the reader down. They pause to take in the photo and if you are including full size images they will click and interact to see the larger view.

swimming elephant photo - spincaster content marketing
Worth a closer look?

This is important as you want to create small interactions with your audience. This interaction breaks their pattern of browsing and provides you with an opportunity to take them down another path towards a sale or request or some other point of conversion.

ospreybackpackblue - carousel gallery
Carousel Gallery

In ecommerce the carousel gallery has become the default as it shows multiple views of a product. This includes lifestyle shots that show the experience you will have once you buy the product – all in Technicolor and high resolution. It is very effective as best online casinos in canada it connects on an emotional level and lends itself well to mobile browsing. That is, your images stack nicely in a responsive design so the tablet or phone presents the image full screen. (Make sure to size your images properly so you don’t hurt your page load speeds)

Take the time to capture or source top quality images for your content and you will help to establish your brand online. It has become extremely easy to capture quality shots with your phones and proper SLR cameras have become incredibly affordable. So get out there and take a few shots and add some visual weight to your content.