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Content Marketing Rule #4

Use Current Events

In the bid to win the content race for your company you will approach a junction where quality meets quantity. We have to generate enough content to keep the content marketing efforts moving forward and at the same time you need to continue to produce relevant articles and posts. As professionals we do not want to turn into and write the same piece ten different ways. So what is the answer?

You have to add to your mix of content sources while still keeping the post purposeful and relevant to your audience. In previous posts we have talked about the following topics to write about;

  • Product knowledge
  • Service knowledge
  • Customer issues and concerns
  • Case studies
  • Industry trends
  • Competitors focus
  • Client profiles
  • Unique solutions

Now consider adding in news or current events that are specific to your industry. There is a huge amount of information online about current events. Use these points of reference for your post to help generate the content you need and to help keep the content interesting.

In our business right now IBM is advertising online for their IBMGO website. This is a clever free extension from IBM Global Conferences and covers different topics of interest. Kind of like Ted Talks but by IBM where you can register and then consume old keynote lectures, presentations, video etc. For guys like me up here in the middle of BC it is a nice way to access some big city online social business and marketing talks. It is also a good example of how to engage people successfully. IBM knows not everyone is down the street so they create a new online vehicle to distribute content from. It is an early stage marketing tool to build awareness and leads.

While we appreciate you are not IBM you can learn from the giants in industry and make your own small versions of IBMGO through posts that are current and topical to your business.

Now I think I will go watch the IBMGO “OutThink Ordinary” video and remember keep it current and you will improve your efforts to move visitors down the path from Awareness to Advocates for your business with relevant purposeful content.

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