Content Marketing Rule #2

There is Nothing New

We all want a “Gangnam Style” moment for our sales and content marketing efforts. To come up with an idea that is perfectly timed and executed and then see it go viral and generate 50 million views. When a piece gets distributed for you through social advocacy it is a grand slam. Often it has a new element to it or like Gangnam Style an amazing hook.

The bad news is that most of us do not have ground breaking content to work with. So the task is to come up with clever ideas on how to combine old elements into new meaningful ones.

Our suggestion for brainstorming is to look at leading companies for ideas and review multiple media choices. It is too easy to get myopic online and only search the Internet, go to the bookstore and read magazines. Also make the effort to go beyond your local competition and region, check out similar companies in Australia, Europe and beyond and look at related sources. For example, if you’re doing content work for the auto industry then checkout the BMW Museum and BMW Welt. It is completely relevant but with different visual hooks and online technique.

Also, remember that other creative people are generating new apps to use and our default social media tools are adding new bells and whistles. Shaping content to fit these outlets is an opportunity for old content to become new again or more accurately, recycled. ‘Cause we all know – nothings new, right!?