Content Marketing Rule #10

Link Building is a powerful way to support your SEO

For many online marketing teams the challenge of link building can be a big and not always easily accomplished.  Link building is the task of creating connections between pages on different websites. A link from another website to your website is a vote of popularity and importance that is tracked by Google. You want to build links from trusted sites back to yours. This helps to establish your website online as an authority.

The bigger the site the link comes from the more that link is given credit in Google. If you have a link from a University or Government site then that scores higher than a link from a local business.  Links from Social Media are also important but not as clearly understood as hard links from other site. Facebook and Google+ can be big players in your content marketing distribution if you can get yourself in front of large networks of the right kind of people. These social pages with links back to your site are important for your overall online presence.

Link Acquisitions

  1. Natural Links can be created with great content. If you are able to get your content in front of the right people they will link to your blog or pages naturally.
  2. Manual Links are created by your team through active campaigns to related companies, bloggers, associations and organization. You can also purchase these inbound links by joining directories or paying for listings.
  3. Non Editorial Links that your team creates through joining or participating in online forums, hubs and social media connections. Sites like Houzz provide these types of opportunities

Link Building Strategies

We appreciate that this is one of the harder SEO challenges for companies. It can involve direct sales efforts and time locating worthwhile networks to belong to online. Here are a few techniques you can use to get started.

Start Local

Reach out to your current customers and partners to establish inbound links to your home page. You may want to create a small graphic badge or icon for this purpose and ask them to add it to their site.

Use your Blog

Relevant content on your particular area of expertise is recommended by Google and one of your easiest ways to give a reason for others to recommend or link to your site. It also provides content for distribution out to social media which also garners awareness and links back to you.

Think Sharing

You want to create content that can go Viral, which is to say that others start to distribute the content for you through social media and other avenues. YouTube videos are famous for this.  Look for Unique aspects of your business or special opportunities that come up throughout the year and see if you can create content that can be actively share.

Think Editorial

For many businesses having a PR mindset is not what they do but online this can be a strong way to build links. By being newsworthy and using local press and media you can build valuable links. This might be through your charity work, a free promotion, a new product or seminar.

With a bit of serious effort and hard work you can gain some real traction with Google that helps support your position of authority online. If you are interested in learning more about Content Marketing techniques and SEO please contact Spincaster.