Content Marketing Rule #1

Create meaningful content with a purpose

Here is another content marketing rule to follow when you are building your brand online.

Make the effort to create content and post content that has a meaningful act assigned to it. This should be something that your audience and demographic genuinely wants.

How is this different from other content?

While it is important to send out product knowledge and service information content; this is all company centric stuff about who you are and what you offer. Content that has intentionally been created to mean something to a visitor has a bigger effect – Even when it is a small piece of information.

This is because you are addressing a concern or issue that a customer has experienced. You are tapping into an emotional point of reference that is better received and processed.

Using some old sales jargon a “pain point” is a good place to start. Think about a real problem of your customers and then with your content deliver a nice big aspirin. This will spark an emotion and action from your customers and create a more relevant experience. This in turn builds brand better than one huge piece of product knowledge information that you often find in blogs.

Look at your products and services and think – Does my customer really want drill bits or holes? When you start to create content with the hole in mind (no pun intended) you will be in the right mindset to get better results from your online marketing.

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