Colour Theory and Website Design

Colour Theory

All artists and designer know the psychology of colours. The rest of the population, however, seems to be less well informed and often pay little attention to what they choose for their business logos and website colour schemes. It is worth paying attention to as color effects emotions and emotions effect buying decisions. As color influences our reactions towards things a discussion with your creative director is worthwhile. Here is a quick overview on colours

Red – The most dynamic color is hot, active, passionate, exciting and powerful. Brands Like Coca Cola, Target and Rogers all proudly wave their red banners. In website design Red is often used to draw attention to critical elements like error messages. As a result it is often used sparingly on website designs to highlight a call to action or a key feature.

Orange – This is a popular choice online as it is vibrant, energetic and friendly. Everyone likes orange and the color is more warm and inviting then red. In website design the color works extremely well with dark accents like greys and blacks and of course blue. As Orange is very active it is often used for buttons and calls to action to prompt people to click.

Yellow – Like the sun yellow is bright, happy, stimulating and expansive. Perfect for a happy meal! In Website design yellow is often used for sites focusing on children. It can be difficult to read if used with white and can appear washed out. Darker shades of yellow are often used as accent colours as they provide great mid-tone choices for designers that are vibrant.

Green – Money, recycling, the environment are all very green. This color is calming, balanced and symbolizes growth. It is very stable and optimistic. In website design Green is often used to show possibilities and environmental awareness. A good example of this is BP’s Green and Yellow logo. Darker shades of green can portray wealth and harmony.

Blues – They most overused color online – Why you might ask, well blues show dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, and security. It’s also calming and friendly. Everything a website selling something would want! In website design blues are the #1 choice for social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr, Linkedin are all using a blue colour scheme. While they infringe on your privacy they make you feel calm and secure. It is no accident.