Changing to the New Mail Server

Our old mail server is going to be swithced off, it has opperated for many years but now there are compatibilty issues between browsers when using the webmail and with more and more people setting up laptops and phones a new mail server is needed to accomodate.

Nothing will need to be changed for the incoming mail settings, when the switch goes live you will need to go to your server settings and change the outgoing server port to 587, also make sure that the outgoing server is set to require authentication and uses the same info as the incoming mail server. Username will be the full email address and the password will be the same password that was set for the account. In some instances the password may need to be updated to comply with the new servers security protocol

You can access the new webmail portal by clicking here and signing in with your email address and password

Below is a quick guide for setting up the accounts.

For Outlook 2010 and up

  1. Click on File in the top left corner and click on Account Settings
  2. Make sure you email address is highlighted and click on change
  3. Click on the more settings button and go to outgoing server
  4. Check the box that says my outgoing server requires authentication, should be set to use the same settings as the incoming mail server
  5. Click over to the Advanced tab and change the incoming server port to 110 and the outgoing to 587
  6. Hit OK then test the account settings, everything should go through and you will be set and ready to go.

*For Outlook 2007 click on tools then account settings, then start at step 2*

For Mac Mail

  1. Hit Mail in the top left corner of the screen and click on preferences
  2. Click on Accounts and select your email from the sidebar
  3. On the Outgoing Server drop down click the bottom edit SMTP server list
  4. Select you mail account in the top window and then click on the advanced settings
  5. Change the outgoing server port to 587 and have Authentication set to password
  6. Fill out the username with the full email address and the password for the account, SSL should be turned off

Quick Note for setting up on iPhone

The new mail server requires authentication in order to connect properly. On the iPhone there is no way to set any authentication until the account has been saved off.

In order to get the mail account working go thorugh and set up the email account as directed on your phone, when trying to save the account you will get a pop up saying that the current settings are not working would you like to try with SSL?

Just hit no and save again, you will get one more pop up saying the account may not be able to send or recieve but thst fine. Finish the set up and once the account is there go back into and scroll down to the outgoing server settings. From there you will be able to enter in the server port of 587 and fill in the username/password for authentication.