Business Strategy & Politics

Well it is interesting that the same week Gordon Campbell announces his resignation a tampering investigation is underway on the HST petition. Regardless of the miss handling of the HST and subsequent popularity low, he has led this province with an impressive record. But what I’m most impressed with is his business strategy. If we can safely assume that he is not interested in continuing on after ten years at the helm, and has a set election date for the Premiership, his announcement last week takes on a new light. He has effectively provided his party with the necessary time to both pick a new leader and rebuild the party’s popularity. This foresight therefore is nothing but commendable. He will still be in power and can gracefully step aside for the next new leader. This definitely has the party’s interests at heart and sets the liberals up for a strong resurgence. Once again, excellent strategy by one of Canada’s better leaders. It will be interesting to see where he shows up next?