About Trust

There is continuous mention of the lack of trust in business these days. I think this stems from the feeling that if the banking system can totally screw every household in America (and the planet for that matter) while they are suppose to be taking care of our money, then nothing is right in the world – so be wary. The good news is that we live in Canada and have a system in place that actually prevented a meltdown north of the boarder. But we still feel the aftermath as we are so closely tied to the US economy and culture and the recession that stemmed from their financial collapse.

This lack of trust that has occurred seems to permeate everything including our online space. Even though there has been an increase in online commerce I still hear people making pessimistic and jaded comments. For online marketing in particular I have seen some nice changes in methods and how business approaches prospects. I think largely to try and re-establish trust. These are not the obvious incentives and give-aways. You can earn a free cruise with your next sofa purchase for instance. Those techniques don’t really help to build trust they just appeal to the bottom line.

But for B2B and B2C online advertising we have seen example of ads being straight up and honest. For example receiving an email ad that says it is an ad is refreshing. A local home furnishings store ran a simple email campaign recently that stated as much. “This Ad offers deep discounts on our current inventory” it then went on to state that they wanted to make room for their next shipment and as a past customer they may have a few items that you would be interested in buying to help them make room. The customer just had to mention the ad and let the store know that the advertising was working. Another Credit Union ran a banner ads that simple stated “Watch our Latest Video” it then linked to their financial advice video series Minds over money. Simple, direct and no deceptive tactics, I like that.

What is nice about this approach is it treats the customer right. The ads help to reinforce the goodwill of the business. More of this type of marketing would be nice to see as trust is in short supply and we honest hardworking folk would like to know we are getting a decent product at a fair price.