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Securing your WordPress Website with SUMA

You may be aware of the tremendous success of the WordPress content management system. It is now the most popular open source CMS available globally with over 65% of the world market share. The next best solutions have 10% or less of the market.

With this great success also comes amazing add-ons and plug-ins that allow for the development of truly powerful online solutions. What also follows is the ever present threat of hackers and thieves trying to gain access to your website for their illegal activity. This is often spamming, malicious behaviour, damage and theft.

What you may not be aware of is how prevalent this activity is. Server centers are hit hundreds or thousands of times a day by hackers and their programs written to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The attacks look for server side issues as well as site specific issues to exploit.

Often vulnerabilities are not fully understood until they are isolated and used. The constant introduction of new plug-ins and new updates to the content management system itself creates a very dynamic environment that most people are unaware of.

What often happens in small to mid size business is there is no actual plan to keep your online presence or your website secure and up to date. It is usually a reactive decision to our annual request to update your website. This is often ignored and we see sites that are two or three years behind in their versions of software used to run and manage the sites.

This poses a threat to companies that depend on their email and website for customer support, marketing and sales support. If a site is hacked then it is often suspended immediately by the server centre and you lose your connectivity online. For some, this interruption is not terribly important for others, it is very disruptive. You are then faced with the decision to pay your developer to go and repair the damage after it has occurred.

The alternative to this is to be more active in your management of your website and online tools. However, you are not an online developer so the tools you need and knowledge are not at your finger tips. This is where we come in and provide support and services to help you stay current and secure online.

SUMA is an online management tool that monitors the WordPress CMS software, plug-ins and community to identify potential threats to your website. It provides four core services.

  1. Security
  2. Updates
  3. Monitoring
  4. Alerts

Spincaster monitors your website CMS and apps through a new software application. This service alerts us to ongoing and upcoming threats to your system. We can then take action to update your CMS software and apps to keep you current. This is important as the latest versions of CMS available are the most secure. You no longer rely on old versions of software running your systems and as a result benefit from all of the latest security releases.

The SUMA service also monitors the hosting environment for similar issues and vulnerabilities. We can then coordinate with the hosting providers to keep things current and secure. And lastly it includes a site backup service that allows us to create backup versions of the entire site. This is important as an offsite backup independent of the server centre can be very beneficial when it is actually needed. For example when a server crashes or a router fails.

The benefit to your business is that for a small monthly fee we provide what you need to stay current and in the best shape possible. It makes it easier for you to manage as you do not have to respond to a crisis and the likelihood of your website being taken off line as a result of vulnerabilities is much, much less.

We currently offer one level of service for SUMA that starts at $336 per year. You can sign up for the service at our SUMA products page online. We recommend the service to every client we have in the hopes that we avoid downtime and more costly repairs.

The Spincaster Team.