E-Newsletter Management System

Spincaster has been offering email marketing solutions for years with our proprietary Newscaster software. We have recently partnered with MailChimp, currently the industry’s #1 mail engine, so we can offer our clients a managed enterprise email marketing solution with a host of new power features.

Mail Chimp Features

  • It is very simple to use and is a great method of attracting more visitors to your site as well as maintaining repeat visitors.
  • Includes a custom HTML email template designed by Spincaster to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Our team will import your initial subscriber list and provide you with a newsletter subscribe form for your website.
  • We will also integrate your signup form with Facebook, share your campaigns on Twitter, track subscriber activity on social networks, and more.
  • A “Word like” intuitive interface allows you to create an email marketing campaign.
  • Autoresponders: Build and pre-schedule a series of automated messages, birthday and anniversary greetings, or event alerts that are triggered as soon as your customers subscribe to a list.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Mash your Google Analytics stats with your MailChimp reports, and see instant ROI results for every email campaign you send. Everything in just one quick glance.
  • Inbox Inspector: With the click of a button, MailChimp generates screenshots of your email in all the major email clients, mobile devices, and international ISPs, so you can make sure it renders properly.
  • Supports multiple HTML email templates
  • Newsletters that are sent to your subscribers are personalized with a “Dear John Smith” style format.
  • At anytime subscribers can opt-out by clicking on a link at the bottom of the email or change their profile information.
  • Manage your subscriber database; view/add/edit/delete subscribers and optouts
  • Upload photos and format text inside your newsletter template, no programming knowledge required.
  • Supports an unlimited number of email campaigns and subscribers.
  • View how many opens, clicks and bounces you got. But if you send e-vites, promotions, or campaigns where you need to know exactly who opened, what they clicked, and who didn’t open, try our Actionable Intelligence and Metrics add-on.
  • RSS to Email will automatically send your subscribers a newsletter whenever any RSS feed gets updated. Publish once, and bam – we send the newsletter.
  • Option to capture demographic parameters from subscribers when they optin, i.e. Age group, geographic location, etc. You can send newsletters specifically to each group or just send to all subscribers.
  • Embed the same code into your email headers that the largest corporations and financial institutions use to prove their emails are not forgeries, so they don’t get blocked by overly suspicious filters.