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A professional website provides a strong return to your business

A crowded pool, a boy, and a remote control shark – he may have an advantage in securing some room to play?

Is the Internet crowded? You bet! That’s why our clients come to us for professional website designs that generate great results. Often an advantage can be simple. It may involve an internet marketing technique or a custom software tool (like the shark). The task is to understand what will be effective – and with over a decade of Internet experience Spincaster has a process that works.

Learn how we can help you with your strategic advantage.

How do you ensure good value online?

Statistics show that websites provide excellent returns on investment (when done right). Doing it right requires insight and a proven process. We start with your goals, strong planning and a strategy based on our leadership and experience. The solution may involve search engine optimization, custom software, social media tools, mobile apps and of course beautiful website design.

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What determines a good result?

For our Kelowna and Vancouver clients better service, growth, productivity, competitiveness and communications are all important. – in today’s business world these involve the Internet and all can be measured. But with a bazillion choices it is not always clear where to start.

What can Spincaster do to help?

Online Marketing made easy with our E-Newsletter service

Email marketing, Newsletter marketing, twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more…

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Spincaster is proud of our website design, custom software and internet marketing prowess. Please view some of our small to big business websites that feature corporate, community, retail websites and NPO solutions.

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Spincaster’s Blog has articles, comments, rants and reviews on website design, search engine optimization, online marketing and Internet trends. Check it out!

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Our Website Design Approach

Most of our clients don’t have a big marketing department to rely on. As a result they come to us for guidance on how to generate a great website or marketing result. Often this involves a business to business application or a sales and marketing need.

Our approach is about you and your goals and whether we are a good fit for your needs. Call us to chat about creating a website design or online applications that are focused and effective. We will take the time to listen to your goals and consult with your team.

We offer website designs, newsletter templates, search engine optimization, print design, keyword reports and content optimization, online marketing and Adword campaigns, brand and identity design, software and application development, content management systems, email and direct mail marketing tools, social media, apps for mobile and Ipad and rich media design for video for our clients in Kelowna, the Okanagan valley and Vancouver.

To book a time to discuss your needs contact us at or call 1-877-247-9977.